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Seasonal Top Picks

Cyclamen are now in stock! These flowers are fan-favorites and thrive in the cool weather of fall and winter. They can come back year after year too!

Christmas Poinsettias are in stock! Choose from several great colors, as well as different sizes. All are grown on-site and are fresh for your home!

Choose from a great selection of Pansies and Violas! These hardy flowers can bloom all winter and into the spring, and are very low-maintenance!

Monthly News

Fall is planting time. Not just for bulbs, but also for annual vegetables too. In fact, it's likely a better time than spring. Here is why...

Soil temperature
In spring, the soil warms up much more slowly than the air. Cold soil can shock the plants and set them back weeks. In fall, the soil temperatures are warm. Warm soil promotes fast, strong root growth allowing annuals to establish before winter.

Air temperature
Warm daytime and cooler night do not stress plants, allowing them to quickly overcome transport shock and easily become established.

Planting in October still gives plants a long time to get settled before the first frost which usually comes in December or January. Insects and other garden pests such as slugs are also becoming less active and will die or go dormant.

Shorten your spring to-do list by planting now, starting with these flowers...

Meet the Staff

Meet Nikole!

Park Greenhouse has 4 talented staff members that love gardening.

Nikole has been with us for a year now. She has a special gift in design and creativity with plants. Her passion is growing succulents. She has created beautiful designs such as fairy gardens, succulent wreaths, and driftwood with succulents. These pieces are available for sale here at Park Greenhouse. She will be teaching upcoming workshops that you won't want to miss!

Visit our Facebook page for upcoming workshops.

Upcoming Events

Harvest Days

October 13-14

Mark your calendars for this event!

Celebrate the harvest season with fantastic sale prices and discounts.

Snacks and sodas. Raffles and drawings.

Saturday we will be having a scavenger hunt, pumpkin painting, photo booth, and more!

Bring your kids, family, and friends!

Kate's Dog Rescue

SATURDAY ONLY! Kate's Dog Rescue will be joining us at Harvest Days and bringing dogs that are ready for adoption. Come and see the joy these dogs can bring to your family.

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